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Mike Ryan Band, John Baumann

Sat · August 11, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm (event ends at 1:00 am)

$30.00 - $75.50

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William Clark Green
William Clark Green
William Clark Green: Rose Queen

With two critically esteemed album releases already under his belt, William Clark Green is back and this time it is getting personal. Give Green a pen and paper and he is a lyrical force to be reckoned with. On his highly anticipated third release, Rose Queen, he is putting it all on the line and making absolutely no apologies. "Songwriting is reality. People are scared to put reality on paper, but this is 10 times more reality than my past work," Green explains bluntly. The past few years have been consumed with Green touring heavily in the booming Texas scene and persistently writing a plethora of songs that are pulled from true-to-life experiences. Green has adamantly pushed his boundaries as a writer saying, "Songwriting is exactly what is in your heart, in my opinion, it is not about writing a hit. It is about revealing your heart and your feelings on the paper."

The music on Rose Queen ranges from the familiar Cajun flare he is known for on "Let's Go" to the highly reflective and introspective "Welcome to the Family." In the candidly honest lead single, "It's About Time," Green tackles the harsh reality that a significant relationship must end. He explains, "I think the new record will connect with a certain demographic of people who have been effected by something, some event, some moment in their lives and therefore can identify with my stories."

Not only has Green raised the bar with his seasoned writing and musicianship, he also enlisted a team of powerhouses to mold his full package of artistry. Music Industry veteran Rachel Loy was recruited to undertake producing the new record. Green declares, "I was sold on her in just 30 minutes. She installs confidence and challenges me to be better." Loy shares the same respect for Green saying, "Everything about the William Clark Green band is original, real and raw. This record, from the songs to the solos to the drum sounds, was a result of every band member following their instincts until they landed on the perfect part. It's been a privilege to watch such major raw talent sharpen into a clear vision."

Additionally, in the last year he signed with new management, 415 Entertainment, as well as landed a booking deal with Nashville's Paradigm Agency. For the first time, Green embraced the nature of co-writing and included 4 tracks of co-writes on the new album pairing up with noted writers like Kent Finlay on the defiant "Hanging Around," and Brian Keane on the fun sing-along "She Likes The Beatles."

William Clark Green is definitely no stranger to the music scene; he knew at the ripe age of 13 that he would embrace his passion and work vigorously in order to make a name for himself. As a seventh grader with substantial ambition, he began receiving guitar lessons and spending free time with his cousin writing music and bouncing ideas off of one another. Green draws inspiration from his personal musical hero Willis Allan Ramsey, as well as his father who Green has fond memories of with a guitar in hand.

While attending college at Texas Tech University, Green played for a live audience whenever he could and steadily gained notoriety on the Texas music scene. He credits the Blue Light in Lubbock as his unofficial home, where he spent many nights honing on his craft and gaining a loyal army of followers.

His first album Dangerous Man caught the attention of radio stations in West Texas, but his sophomore album Misunderstood, which spawned the top 20 Texas Music Chart hit "Tonight," put him on the map as an artist to watch.
Mike Ryan Band
Mike Ryan Band
He is a soulful singer and songwriter with a powerful voice, stunning vocal range and some pretty tasty guitar chops. His mature voice and lived-in lyrics make one linger the first time they listen. Fortunately, for his loyal audience, he isn't going away anytime soon.

In 2010 Mike rose above 80 other competitors to win the 95.9 The Ranch Pickin' Party singer/songwriter competition, and every indication pointed to more musical success in the near future. His EP "The First One" was released that summer and produced 2 singles, "Slow Hand" and "Wont Let it Show" that reached the top 25 on the Texas Music Chart.

Educated and easy going, Mike's musical influences are as vast and varied as growing up in the internet age allows. Some favorites of his would include The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, ZZ Top The Rolling Stones, AC/DC....Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Bill Withers....Bob Dylan, Elton John, Stevie Wonder... and they continue on down the list for about a mile and a half. Some of his favorite guitar players would be SRV, Gibbons, Mayer and Paisley.

He spent his college years at the University of North Texas which gave him the opportunity to be influenced and inspired by the large, eclectic musical community there as well. Mike Ryan is a genuine guy with genius talent, and the vision to surround himself with first rate musicians to help him maintain his direction, and you can bet that when the curtains roll back they'll light up the stage.

At an early age, he's poured a strong foundation for limitless and long-standing career. The strength of his ever-expanding guitar and vocal ability, as well as the desire to organize and maintain a band of bad asses, prove he is building a career to weather any storm. When it comes to Mike Ryan, whether it's listening to recordings or seeing him live, you realize you just experienced something special. The good kind of special. And then BAM! ...he finds a place in your list of favorites. You want more. You want to do it again. Mike Ryan is the real deal in a refreshingly down-to-earth package. Sincere smile included.
John Baumann
John Baumann
Quietly circumventing the myriad of artists and bands in the modern day dissemination of country music, John Baumann is emerging as one of his generation's next great true-blue songwriters.With a steadily building streak of positive responses from fans of good songwriting and a reputable live show, the trajectory of this up and comers speaks for itself.
Having independently released projects in 2012 and 2014, Baumann's evolution as a songwriter is in full swing. And with the upcoming release of 'Departures,' the new EP from John Baumann, there are already rumbles in some circles that this songwriter might be the next one to break out.
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